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The exhibition was set in a glass corridor at Maus Habitos during Future Places 2011. As a collaborative project, it had the images of all the work produced through time, as well as contributions from participant and visitors. The glass walls were ideal as they showed the works overlapping in many layers, and visitors could be seen as part of the exhibition. The show is then a big family-tribe, growing and changing over the days.

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Greetings from Porto. Wish you were here http://futureplaces.org/willyoumarryus/2011/10/22/greetings-from-porto-wish-you-were-here/ http://futureplaces.org/willyoumarryus/2011/10/22/greetings-from-porto-wish-you-were-here/#comments Sat, 22 Oct 2011 10:50:21 +0000 david http://futureplaces.up.pt/fp-wp/willyoumarryus/?p=44 ‘Greetings from Porto’ was one of the activities that participants worked on in the workshop. They were asked to produce their own series of postcards from Oporto, investigating which images represent the city from the perspective of a person that lives there.  A personal comment on the identityof a community which is offered to foreigners.

photo: Catarina Mesquita

photo: Susana Almeida



photo: Jennifer Machado

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Photostories http://futureplaces.org/willyoumarryus/2011/10/22/photostories/ http://futureplaces.org/willyoumarryus/2011/10/22/photostories/#comments Sat, 22 Oct 2011 10:41:15 +0000 david http://futureplaces.up.pt/fp-wp/willyoumarryus/?p=47 Participants at the workshop were asked to engage into a future project, ‘Photostories’. Instead of adding captions to photographs, the usual way when publishing images, they were asked to produce a photograph from a description of an existing image, without seeing it. In this case, the caption is the image and not the text.

1. ‘This is my husband at Schipol airport in Amsterdam. He is dutch and I’m Irish. I love him loads and I love his head and the back of his neck. I sometimes watch him when he’s asleep’.

photo: Lara González & Julia Huete

2. ‘A 7 year old chlid sitting proudly on his father’s Harley Davidson. His eyes convey the desire of travelling one day like him and be free.’



3. ‘A family. Four people. Beach. Sun. In an almost deserted beach, the mother is divided between the eldest daughter, who wants to go near the sea, and younger daughter, who just wants to be near the mother. The mother is divided, while the father with open arms tries to rise attention from the smallest child.’



4. ‘Montalegre, octubre de 1983. Madureira y Luisa Fernanda de Castro. La fotografía fue tomada por mi tío Alberto, recuerda el reencuentro de dos amigos y colegas. Después de la jubilación y viudedad no se volvieron a ver … Aquí podemos verlos del brazo, riendo y hablando en voz alta recordando a los ex alumnos y compañeros de clase … vivido así.’


5. ‘Group of friends, making a toast to the new year in a bar on Figueira da Foz.’




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It’s raining families http://futureplaces.org/willyoumarryus/2011/10/21/its-raining-families/ http://futureplaces.org/willyoumarryus/2011/10/21/its-raining-families/#comments Fri, 21 Oct 2011 17:24:43 +0000 david http://futureplaces.up.pt/fp-wp/willyoumarryus/?p=39 The photographs taken at Plaça dos Poveiros within Future Places 2010 are the starting point of ‘Will you marry us’. The families depicted in ‘It’s raining families’ will then grow with new images from family albums brought by visitors and the ’candidates’ who join at the photo set.

photo: Abajo Izquierdo



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The ‘candidates’ http://futureplaces.org/willyoumarryus/2011/10/21/the-candidates/ http://futureplaces.org/willyoumarryus/2011/10/21/the-candidates/#comments Fri, 21 Oct 2011 17:09:56 +0000 david http://futureplaces.up.pt/fp-wp/willyoumarryus/?p=31  

Participants and visitors to Future Places 2011 @ Maus Habitos were asked to have their photograph taken in a mini set and choose the family they want to ‘belong to’ from the photographs taken at Plaça dos Poveiros last year for an exhibition together.

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