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It’s a Crank Chair

by Burcu Celiksap / 2012.07.1

It’s a Crank Chair is an interactive installation that contains sensors on the chair and perceive the persons action who sits on the chair. Via these sensors the person watches movie scenes from the projected wall, which has the similar action that the person himself has made. Also the person is able to see himself in the projected wall. The concept is to create a new experience between the object and the person by giving personality to it.The chair is replaced with the person.The participant witnesses what the chair dreams. In the process an Ikea chair, MDF, distance and pressure sensors, projection, web-cam has been used.
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the wait II (philadelphia’s rocking chairs)

by jorge marques / 2012.09.3

the wait (philadelphia’s rocking chairs)

by jorge marques /

Tunísia, 2004

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