Metamorphosis of Space

Participants are invited to tell a story through documentary photography of an object or a specific space during a day from a single photographic framework.

Each space, each object, has a life of its own. Objects and spaces are not isolated and are not exempt from events. They are continually transformed by the mutations inherent to their own materiality, but also by the mutations provoked by everything that interferes with them. From a single photographic framework participants are invited to document the mutations of an object or a specific space during a day and therefore tell the story of the chosen subject. The mutations documented might be caused by the characteristics and physical properties of subject, or by the interference of external elements, but never by the participant himself.

No prior experience necessary. Participants must bring a camera (smartphone is fine if no access to photo equipment).


Cláudia Lima

ScheduleWednesday 18 Oct, 4-6PM
Friday 20 Oct, 3-6PM
Co-work room
Praça Coronel Pacheco 2
4050-453 Porto | Portugal