This films are experiences of recording material with mobile phone, trying to exploit the plasticity of this small format with large compressions of files. This type of images more “raw” reinforces an element of realism and brings to us the subject recorded. Mobile phones, been so small and accessible, can be used in ways that bigger cameras cannot . It is also an attempt to integrate the camera in the action. It is no longer a passive object that only records the reality to take part in it. Becomes the main character.

Synopsis of the 4 videos:


What can we do, while we wait for the dinner and do not have a ball but only one mobile?

“Bzzzzzz Bzz”

Why do you insist on eating my cookies?

“The champion”

The champion is ready for the game. He knows that it is not the last dance. They will meet again…

“15 Frames”

Every day I go from my car to the school of my son. One month ago I decided to record that walk with a mobile phone. Every day I found so many different things in that simple way. Today I put everything together to show you that there is more than a straight line between two points. In this case there are 15.

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