CVCM – 3T1 is a multidisciplinary group, formed by the finalist students of the Multimedia Communication course at Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa (ULHT), coming from distinct disciplines such as design, web programming and 3D animation. In the last six months the group has been working and researched the thematic of interactivity, allied to entertainment as a mean to communicate. As final result, the CVCM – 3T1, present at the Future Places Festival, PhotoMatic – interactive multimedia application – that uses text messages from the cell phone as a way to interact.

PHOTOMATIC consists in a entertainment interactive multimedia application Intended for public entertainment events, such as, music concerts, festivals, pub's, disco's and other similar events. PHOTOMATIC captures still images from people that are present and screens them in various, pre-defined spaces. The visitor can also interact through the use of SMS, by sending text messages, or by voting in his/her favourite picture. Visitor texts will be integrated in the application and the still images will grow and appear according the number of votes received. The event can also be viewed through the internet at PHOTOMATIC 's website.

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