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This construct is based in a simulation addressing the opportunity of creating a Biophysical Soundscape. The main focus of the work is the interaction between generation and stimulation of artifacts with sound. Since the field of Biophysics is in a clear development process which emergence and self-organization are the structural concepts, the quasi object form materializes from discreet elements. The geometry is extracted from the 5th iteration of a Calabi Yau Manifold due to its emergent/evergent multidimensional capabilities. In this case the sound factor, which is generally either obliterated or post-processed, will be the creator and stimulator of the quasi-object according to different behaviours and dynamic choreographies. The introduction of the sound stratum instigates multiple behaviours in one object while simultaneously connects multiple objects in one stratum, and ideally develop multi-performativity, according to the algorithmic parameters.

[f]FLAT Bios

Muge Belek and Frederico Fialho are co-founders of [f]Flat Architectures research group an environment to research and develop architectural and media art projects. A number of their works have been awarded, exhibited and published in multiple programs and stages. This course of events provided the ground to develop works with the emphasis in avant-garde methodologies techniques in media art and architecture.

Currently their studies fall into the area of Spatial Arts using techniques, such as Trans-acoustics,based in biological and evolutionary stratums. In this field of research, [f]Flat explores systems with emergent/evergent spatial characteristics able to embody multi-dimensional properties. This processes establish through elemental modularity which carry multiple algorithmic stratums. These machines develop within ubiquitous ecologies instigating multiple behaviours - both physical and virtual - and functioning immanently towards the evolution of a multi-dimensional space.

Born in 1978, Istanbul, Muge Belek is an architect and a research assistant at Istanbul Technical University (ITU). She holds a BSc. in architecture, a MSc. on “Collaborative Design Studio Environments” from ITU, and MArch from Architectural Association School of Architecture Design Research Laboratory. She has worked in several architectural firms, including Zaha Hadid Architects Ltd., in London, Istanbul and Brazil. She is currently continuing her PhD research on Trans- Architectural Acoustics, during which she worked for two years with Marcos Novak in University of California Santa Barbara, Translab.

Frederico Fialho Teixeira is an architect, media artist, currently researching at University of California Santa Barbara, where he is an Awarded Fellow. He is working towards his PhD degree in Media Arts and Technology based at the California Nano Systems Institute and supervised by Marcos Novak. He graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, holds an MA in History of Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture University of Porto, and a MArch from the Design Research Lab at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. He worked in firms which include Zaha Hadid Architects and Alvaro Siza.

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