“As if, walking along the sight, entering through the eyes of another, we suddenly find us in an undefined space (in opposition to the space of the head), much «bigger» than you can imagine from the outside.” || José Gil in “O Interior do Corpo”

Step on the black carpet that defines the physical limits of “Limiar” (threshold) is entering a space whose purpose is to give substance to an area of the human being that lies somewhere between the outside and the inside. This piece proposes the transposition of the area that involves us allowing the spectator to witness and be an active part on the process of perception. In “Limiar”, visual/audio distortions and errors of association between verbal and image sense find justification in two distinct subjects of the work: on one side are the masks that normally cover our face, on the other, the inability to look beyond the skin of the person we talk to. || José Carlos Neves || josecsn@netvisao.pt


3D view_ general view

3D view_ projection panel

cube detail

cube interior

materials detail

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