Filipe Pais Installation: Living Room Plankton 1st prize, Future Places 2008

Living Room Plankton

In nature we find phenomena and choreographies emanated by living beings and inanimate matter which are Invisible to the eye or that slip our attention either for being too mercurial or supine and unhurried. Mirroring nature at some level this interactive installation leads to plastic contemplation through an organism’s daily routine.

Through a generative algorithm an organism sharing features with many others present in nature move, flourish and responds to its surrounding environments.

This life cycle and growth is visually portrayed in a projection on an existing wall on any space subject to perceivable daylight fluctuations. Given some luminosity, the organism and its structure its presence is revealed provided that the room is devoid of noise. Being there some intrusion and commotion it detects the sonance and retreats camouflaging it self. In a lightless environment, the creature’s skeleton is engraved as if leaving its ghost behind.

These echoes combined build up into shapes and colors derived from the organism’s behavior.

This pattern is intimately related with the atmosphere of its placing. From Scandinavia to Equator, its outputs will range dramatically, as the habitat it dwells in with its climate conditions will dictate its performance. These visual outturns are time-lapses in progress and in constant mutation that weave its seemliness, like notes on an ever changing composition.

About Filipe Pais

Filipe Pais Ferreira (1983) has been interested on synesthesia phenomena and routine subjects since 2004 when he got he's first prize at Atmosferas Digital Art Center.

Since there he has been researching methods to explore routine as a source for aesthetic experience and augmented reality. Using analog, digital or biological materials his works look for an organic and autonomous behavior and they are normally based on simple rules that reach complex and ever changing outputs.

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