The cinema works again! / Ponovo radi bioskop!

Vranje's public cinema is broken. And then there was that swimming pool, too. So I organized Vranje residents around the idea of turning their town's defunct public swimming pool into a cinema for one night. But what movies to show?

'Rambo, Rocky, Star Wars…'

'Okay, well then you need to make them yourselves.'

So we showed movies chosen and acted out by residents of Vranje, Serbia, including scenes from Bring it on, Rocky IV, and Star Wars II.

View excerpts from some of the films here:

Christopher Robbins

Christopher Robbins grew up in New York City, and has since lived and worked in London, Tokyo, West Africa, Fiji, and Serbia. He built his own hut out of mud and sticks and lived in it while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin, West Africa, spoke at a United Nations conference about his cross-cultural digital arts and education work in the South Pacific, and has exhibited in the United States, Europe, Fiji and Africa. Awards include the RISD Award of Excellence, SITINGS Installation Commission, the Stein Experiential Art Prize, SXSW Web Award, and residencies/ fellowships at MacDowell Colony, Haystack, Penland, Anderson Ranch, the Kala Art Institute, and the Nebraska Art Farm. He has an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and currently splits his time between New York and Serbia.

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